My Online Spellchecker

[Also available in Afrikaans: Ook beskikbaar in Afrikaans.]

At last I have finished this spellchecker to make it available on my website. This has been the first small project I defined to start my personal website, and I think it has all come together quite nicely. For the time being this will be pretty much all of the functionality that is going to be publicly available on this site, but there are many more ideas that should materialize as this website matures (if I can make time for them).

The main drive behind this effort was to get a spellchecker for the Afrikaans language online. While spellcheckers for English are pretty much a standard feature of many editing software packages, the same cannot be said for Afrikaans (which is also a problem with many other languages used on our planet). And so the Afrikaans spellchecker was born, and as an added bonus the English spellchecker came with hardly any extra effort.

I learned quite a lot in the process, especially when it comes to using non-English text characters and how to represent them in a consistent way. I now just love the magic of UTF-8 character encoding and am using it throughout this website. Oh, that one can get so super-psyched about simple technology may very well expose you as an engineer.

As far as usability is concerned, the spellchecker has been tested with the Firefox 1.0 web browser of Mozilla, but I also ensured that it is at least working with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6.0 for those who don’t know any better (don’t worry, eventually you will find out). However, I suspect it will also work on other recent browsers, as long as you have not disabled the JavaScript or cookie functionality.

Well then, go give the English spellchecker a try (or even the Afrikaans one). I hope you would share my enthusiasm for it.


Free offline Afrikaans spellchecker

If you are looking for a downloadable free Afrikaans spellchecker, go read this page on my website.