Makeover for

[Also available in Afrikaans: Ook beskikbaar in Afrikaans.]

Today marks a new chapter for with the launch of an upgraded website and a revived start for 2009. The changes are mostly technical in nature involving architectural restructuring to enable easier updates in future, but the notable visible changes are as follows.

  • The website now obviously looks different with a new theme and color schemes, as illustrated with some before and after screenshots shown below.

    Previous theme from 2005 through 2008.
    Updated theme starting 2009.

  • The web-log activities have been moved to with distinguishable colors for the English and Afrikaans content, as seen in the complementary theme below.

    Updated Afrikaans theme starting 2009.

  • A shortlist of recent posts is now shown on the left side of pages, making navigation to newer content easier. Also, an index of monthly archives (usually shown on the right of each page) helps with navigating to older content.
  • The online spellchecker has been updated; read more about those changes in this post.

Apart from that, previous links should still work and automatically redirect to equivalent content on the new website. Look forward to more frequent posts this year!