Logical Expressions (in Unicode) of Chinese Character Components

餜=飠+果 and 黽=蠅-虫The characters that are used for Chinese text can often be assembled from smaller components. Being familiar with these components can help with recognizing the characters and provide hints about their meaning or pronunciation. Although many, if not most, of modern Chinese characters have associated Unicode characters, many of the underlying components do not have a separate Unicode character to refer to them. However, being part of one or more composite Unicode character, these components can be defined in term of logical expressions involving the composite characters. For example, the component 刀 (which obviously do have a Unicode character, U+5200) can also be expressed as 刃-丶 (that is, U+5203 without the radical dot, U+4E36). Similarly one can write 扌=打-丁 and also 凵=[凶-㐅]/[㧄-扌], where the last example shows two alternatives to arrive at the desired component. The same can be done for components that do not have their own Unicode character, as illustrated below.

The website at glyph.iso10646hk.net, which promotes the use of the ISO/IEC 10646 standard in Hong Kong, has two downloadable documents (one for each of the Kai Style and Print Style, also known as Song Style, Chinese fonts) containing a Table of Basic Components for Chinese character decomposition, which lists over 640 components with an image (as well as example characters and other information) for each of those components. This list has been used as reference to identify the components for which logical composition expressions are presented in a similar table below. For cross-referencing purposes, such as finding a component image, the identity (ID) numbers in the following table correspond with the sequence numbers in the above-mentioned documents. The second column contains the logical expression(s) for each component, which uses a single Unicode character if one is available to represent the component, or otherwise one or more options for describing the component in terms of other Unicode characters. Example characters are also provided for each component, which have been selected for simplicity or from frequently-used characters (such that the examples may be different from those in the above-mentioned documents). When available, a description is also provided for each component, which may include to the meaning of a word when the component is used as a stand-alone character; feel free to contact me about additional or missing descriptions that you can provide (this is obviously still a work in progress). Finally, there is also a Level column containing a very rough estimate of how soon one may expect to be introduced to a specific component; the letters in this column are assigned in such a way so that components with letters from earlier in the alphabet might be encountered before ones with letters that follow later in the alphabet. (You might be able to sort according to the level by clicking on its column heading — tough luck if that does not work for you.)

ID Component Composition Logic Example Characters Component Description Level
1 㔿 亍 亼 同 但 是 會 one; 1; single; a (article); as soon as; entire; whole; all; throughout; a, an; alone; KangXi radical 1; (resembles item 2) A
2 或-戈-口 國 域 㖪 㚜 惑 殲 纖 (resembles item 1) E
3 凣 引 在 䇂 候 修 條 line; KangXi radical 2 B
4 亇 寜 hook; KangXi radical 6; (resembles item 22) U
5 丿 乇 么 乊 少 生 向 弟 line; KangXi radical 4 A
6 亽 凡 刃 太 的 得 就 dot; KangXi radical 3 B
7 尺-尸 乆 㘮 𦬨 (resembles items 8 and 9) O
8 KangXi radical 4; (resembles items 7 and 9) V
9 stretch; KangXi radical 4; (resembles items 7 and 8) V
10 疋 胥 㳬 蛋 楚 疑 慶 KangXi radical 5; (resembles items 11 and 13) N
11 今-人-一 㕂 仱 含 念 陰 琴 疏 (resembles items 10 and 13) F
12 乞 㲸 乤 吃 迄 挖 乾 second of 10 heavenly stems 十天干; second in order; letter "B" or roman "II" in list "A, B, C", or "I, II, III" etc; second party (in legal contract, usually written 乙方, as opposed to first party 甲方); ethyl; bent; winding; second; 2nd heavenly stem; KangXi radical 5 G
13 𠃍 (resembles items 10 and 11) W
14 𠃌 司 成 局 㘭 城 詞 誠   D
15 [卂-十]/[𢩦-手] 丮 㚨 厾 迅 恐 訊 築   N
16 [亾-人]/[兦-入] 匃 㠩 㒺 喝 渴 葛 縣 (resembles items 17 and 646) O
17 𠃊 甚 陋 眞 勘 斟 斷 繼 (resembles items 16 and 646) L
18 劜 孔 扎 乢 乣 乳 亂 hidden, mysterious, secret; to conceal; small; minute; KangXi radical 5 O
19 𠃑 吳 呉 俁 娛 娯 悞 㻍 (distinguish from item 20) Q
20 䦇-镸-八 (distinguish from item 19) Y
21 𠃋 𠃋   Z
22 𠄌 𠄌 (resembles item 4) Z
23 𡿨 𡿨   Z
24 云 仁 亖 些 辰 陰 雲 two; 2; twice; KangXi radical 7 E
25 卂 千 㔹 直 故 個 真 ten; 10; ten, tenth; complete; perfect; KangXi radical 24 C
26 敢 㜟 橄 憨 嚴 儼 巖 under, underneath, below; down; inferior; bring down; used to transliterate the Latin letter 'T'; (semantically related to item 129) N
27 亍 㓅 仃 打 行 停 衕 fourth of 10 heavenly stems 十天干; fourth in order; letter "D" or roman "IV" in list "A, B, C", or "I, II, III" etc; butyl; surname Ding; cubes (of food); male adult; robust, vigorous; 4th heavenly stem; (resembles item 28) E
28 可-口 何 奇 㞹 呵 哥 啊 歌 (semantically related to item 29; resembles item 27) A
29 哥-口-(可-口)-口 㢦 彁 滒 歌 戨 䔅 謌 (item 28 is the main form) J
30 仄 厃 厄 危 原 產 歷 cliff; slope; factory; yard; depot; workhouse; works; (industrial) plant; factory, workshop; KangXi radical 27; (resembles item 53) J
31 𠂇 友 冇 厷 布 有 在 希   B
32 䂖 面 靣 預 頭 題 類   H
33 㔺 皂 柒 唣 梍 鄕 𤪻 seven; 7; (resembles item 34) J
34 乇-丿 仛 厇 托 宅 吒 㡯 託 (resembles item 33) S
35 切-刀 沏 砌 䀙 袃 䟙   M
36 旨-日 指 㞓 恉 脂 詣 嘗 稽 (resembles item 62; distinguish from item 37) P
37 比-(頃-丆-貝) 仳 屁 㘩 吡 皆 鹿 麗 (semantically related to item 38; resembles item 63; distinguish from item 36) F
38 頃-丆-貝 比 仳 屁 㘩 皆 鹿 麗 (item 37 is the main form) F
39 兮 巧 汅 污 號 極 誇 sigh; breath (especially one taken with difficulty); obstruction of breath (qi) as it seeks release; variant of other characters K
40 匛 匜 匝 匠 匣 砸 眶 box; KangXi radical 22; (resembles item 41) T
41 匹 䏘 匼 區 樞 歐 醫 box; KangXi radical 23; (resembles item 40) O
42 考-耂 㝍 侤 拷 烤 與 舉 薦   I
43 啚 圖 鄙 above; (semantically related to item 144) L
44 [攴-又]/[占-口]/[貞-貝] 乩 㓠 佔 站 桌 掉 點   D
45 刈 㓚 刉 別 到 制 前 knife; KangXi radical 18; (semantically related to item 96) C
46 卞 外 卡 扑 卟 赴 掛 turnip; to divine; foretell; surname Bu; fortune telling; prophesy; KangXi radical 25 F
47 冇 冋 囘 同 向 高 衕 borders; wide; KangXi radical 13; (resembles item 67; distinguish from item 48) B
48 囧-囗-八 㒷 奐 烉 換 喚 奥 麗 (distinguish from item 47) J
49 [乞-乙]/[午-十]/[㐌-也] 仡 刉 尓 吃 每 知 候   B
50 什 仁 仂 他 你 信 們 man; KangXi radical 9; (semantically related to item 58) A
51 [亣-亠]/[介-人]/[夰-大] 价 氘 尬 吤 㜾 界 芥   I
52 勿-勹 伆 刎 匢 易 忽 場 陽   I
53 𠂆 反 卮 后 仮 板 派 飯 (resembles item 30) H
54 尣 分 公 仈 份 粉 舉 eight; 8; all around, all sides; KangXi radical 12; (semantically related to item 55) E
55 [六-亠]/[只-口]/[兵-丘] 共 伿 宍 真 容 期 黃 (item 54 is the main form; resembles item 83) D
56 㒰 㞥 全 拴 栓 痊 詮 to enter; entering tone (classical Chinese); enter, come in(to), join; KangXi radical 11; (semantically related to item 57; resembles item 58) E
57 㚒-大 㒳 兩 陝 倆 㔝 滿 輛 (item 56 is the main form) G
58 亼 亽 亾 今 來 於 會 man; person; people; mankind; someone else; KangXi radical 9; (semantically related to items 50 and 59; resembles item 56) A
59 [仌-人]/[囚-囗]/[戍-戈] 以 亥 㒷 來 孩 從 機 (item 58 is the main form) A
60 爻 犮 㲼 拔 艾 哎 髮 to regulate; to govern; to control; to mow; govern, control, manage; nurture; (semantically related to item 61) P
61 凶 刈 爻 网 希 學 覺 (an ancient form of U+4E94 五) five; (item 60 is the main form; semantically related to item 246) E
62 老-耂 佬 姥 㖈 咾 㧯 嗜 鰭 (resembles item 36; distinguish from item 63) F
63 北 㠲 㲺 些 呢 能 花 dagger; ladle; ancient type of spoon; spoon, ladle; knife, dirk; KangXi radical 21; (resembles item 37; distinguish from items 62 and 64) C
64 叱-口 厑 哛 兺 唟 夞 巼 喸 (distinguish from item 63) W
65 𠂊 厃 色 危 角 換 象 像 (resembles item 66) G
66 [亇-亅]/[欠-人] 次 㐸 你 㰝 您 歌 歡 (resembles item 65) B
67 [角-𠂊-土]/[用-([半-丷]/[㪯-文]/[𦍋-卝])] 甩 周 㓩 确 解 調 嘴 (resembles item 47) A
68 勺 勻 勼 包 的 場 寫 to wrap; wrap; KangXi radical 20 B
69 [凪-止]/[夙-歹] 凨 凬 㑉 風 凰 颱 鳳 (resembles item 70) H
70 凡 凢 凣 沉 抗 航 處 small table; almost; how much; how many; several; a few; KangXi radical 16; (semantically related to items 71 and 72; resembles item 69; distinguish from item 80) L
71 [劥-亠-力]/[邟-亠-阝]/[㼚-亠-瓦] 㰠 䘕 殻 殼 頏 慤 頽 (item 70 is the main form) S
72 [殳-又]/[朵-木] 伇 没 㱼 吺 設 發 聲 (item 70 is the main form) B
73 尣 允 兄 先 兒 說 説 son; non-syllabic diminutive suffix; retroflex final; son, child; KangXi radical 10; (semantically related to items 74 and 75) E
74 𠜎-(先-儿)-刂 兟 微 媺 頹 贊 薇 鑽 (item 73 is the main form) Q
75 匹-匸 穵 究 䆑 冏 空 甚 穿 (item 73 is the main form) H
76 仇 勼 卆 旭 究 抛 染 nine; 9; (semantically related to item 77) J
77 [虓-虍-儿]/[頄-丆-貝] 鳩 𤄄 (item 76 is the main form; distinguish from item 80) U
78 兜-白-(囙-囗)-儿 㨮 篼 蔸 (semantically related to item 79) T
79 卬-卩 仰 抑 卵 岇 迎 昂 孵 (item 78 is the main form) M
80 [別-口-刂]/[沒-氵-又]/[㦲-十-戈] 歿 㭭 𡋾 𤣻 𦄡 (distinguish from items 70 and 77) B
81 六 亢 亣 市 交 孩 就 lid; head; KangXi radical 8 B
82 㓅 匀 冮 次 决 凉 减 ice; KangXi radical 15; (resembles item 85) G
83 乊 乥 兯 平 弟 說 説 KangXi radical 12; (resembles item 55) E
84 班-𤣩-王 帰 辨 疈   P
85 [仒-人]/[斗-十]/[冬-夂] 冭 㘰 㞳 於 科 料 終 (resembles item 82) F
86 冗 冚 伔 常 當 愛 學 crown; cover; KangXi radical 14 D
87 囙-囗 卣 㤙 假 兜 暇 蝦 霞 (distinguish from item 88) M
88 䒭-艹-寸 侯 候 喉 猴 堠 帿 葔 (distinguish from item 87) H
89 叼 汈 䒒 artful; wicked; surname Diao; tricky, sly, crafty, cunning; (resembles item 96) T
90 凶 出 㚎 㧄 擊 離 繫 bowl; receptacle; KangXi radical 17 A
91 卪 卬 卭 报 服 命 報 seal; KangXi radical 26; (semantically related to item 103; resembles item 92) H
92 [兯-丷]/[壭-士] (resembles item 91) V
93 孒 叾 氶 函 哼 涵 蒸 (modal particle intensifying preceding clause); (completed action marker); to know; to understand; clear; to look afar from a high place; to finish; particle of completed action A
94 㔿 収 叫 㧃 收 朻 糾 to connect; to join or connect the vine F
95 劜 㔹 仂 加 男 别 動 power; force; strength; power, capability, influence; KangXi radical 19 E
96 刃 分 切 丒 刅 解 認 knife; old coin; measure; KangXi radical 18; (semantically related to item 45; resembles item 89) E
97 乆-(尺-尸) 亥 刻 侅 孩 咳 核 該   H
98 叉 友 㕚 㕛 沒 没 最 (once) again; also; both... and...; again; and, also, again, in addition; KangXi radical 29; (semantically related to item 99; resembles item 645) B
99 [夃-乃]/[覌-見] 叕 盈 桑 嗓 綴 餐 燦 (item 98 is the main form; resembles item 645) Q
100 [祭-([炙-火]/[䍃-缶]/[䏑-肉])-示]/[詧-([炙-火]/[䍃-缶]/[䏑-肉])-(言/訁)] 傺 豋 察 際 㗫 擦 蔡 (distinguish from item 101) P
101 令-人-一 冷 伶 刢 通 痛 亂 零 (distinguish from item 100) K
102 么 公 㕕 云 去 法 能 be selfish; be private; private, secret; KangXi radical 28 B
103 厄 卮 夗 危 范 碗 範 seal; a joint, a seal, (ancient form of 節); KangXi radical 26; (semantically related to item 91) O
104 squint; to squint V
105 𠄎 𠄎   Z
106 兪 偸 喩 婾 楡 粼 river; KangXi radical 47 U
107 㽕-由   W
108 仨 叁 叄 僵 疆 繮 韁 three; 3; (semantically related to item 109) E
109 弎-弋 (item 108 is the main form) W
110 [半-丷]/[㪯-文]/[𦍋-卝] 丮 用 甪 通 備 痛 舉 (resembles item 113) A
111 平 刊 厈 汗 活 話 幹 dry; clean; surname Gan; to concern; to interfere; shield; stem; to work; to do; to manage; tree trunk; main part of something; capable; cadre (in communist party); to kill (slang); to fuck (taboo word); oppose, offend; invade; dried; KangXi radical 51 I
112 宇 㚥 㝼 㡰 迂 芋 得 in; at; to; from; by; than; out of; surname Yu; in, on, at; go to; surname D
113 判-丷-刂 叛 頖 (resembles item 110) Q
114 幵-干 幷 姸 郉 倂 栞 屛 帲 (resembles items 115 and 158) W
115 爰-爫-又 援 媛 喛 嵈 愋 暖 緩 (resembles items 114 and 158) R
116   V
117 甩-([角-𠂊-土]/[用-([半-丷]/[㪯-文]/[𦍋-卝])]) (resembles item 159) T
118 圡 去 凷 在 走 法 時 earth; dust; clay; local; indigenous; crude opium; unsophisticated; Tuzu ethnic group; surname Tu; soil, earth; items made of earth; KangXi radical 32; (semantically related to item 119; resembles item 120) B
119 [圠-乚]/[㘦-力]/[圢-丁] 圤 地 圩 圪 到 城 場 (item 118 is the main form; resembles item 121) C
120 壬 仕 壭 任 喜 結 聲 scholar; warrior; knight; scholar, gentleman; soldier; KangXi radical 33; (semantically related to item 121; resembles item 118) I
121 壿-丷-酉-寸 (item 120 is the main form; resembles item 119) Y
122 扎 打 㧃 㧄 把 找 提 hand; KangXi radical 64; (semantically related to item 282) F
123 左 㒰 仜 仝 空 差 經 work; worker; skill; profession; trade; craft; labor; labor, work; worker, laborer; KangXi radical 48; (semantically related to item 124) A
124 [㓚-刂]/[㓛-刀]/[功-力] 巧 卭 式 㣉 攻 恐 試 (item 123 is the main form) H
125 并 併 㔙 拼 屏 瓶 餅 twenty; twenty, twentieth; (semantically related to item 241; resembles item 130) P
126 [尭-十-兀]/[桒-十-木]/[賁-十-貝] 暁 満 僃 僨 噴 憤 墳 (interrelated with item 237) S
127 犲 材 䊷 財 豺 䞗 閉 ability; talent; endowment; gift; an expert; only (then); only if; just; not until; talent, ability; just, only E
128 付 刌 吋 時 等 對 幫 a unit of length; inch; thumb; small, tiny; KangXi radical 41 C
129 乤 忑 疜 挊 芐 閇 雫 down; downwards; below; lower; later; next (week etc); second (of two parts); to decline; to go down; under, underneath, below; inferior; bring down; (semantically related to item 26) A
130 升 卉 弁 形 研 開 算 clasped hands; hands joined; two hands; KangXi radical 55; (semantically related to item 241; resembles item 125) I
131 亓 㚦 䢋 畀 畁 痹 鼻 surname Ji; table R
132 太 天 夭 知 笑 候 送 big; huge; large; major; great; wide; deep; oldest; eldest; doctor; big, great, vast, large, high; KangXi radical 37; (semantically related to item 133) A
133 [因-囗]/[夶-大]/[尖-小] 奀 旲 奇 美 寄 換 莫 (item 132 is the main form) D
134 仗 扙 杖 㽴 粀 ten feet; unit of length equal 3.3 meters; gentleman, man, husband Q
135 元 㐳 光 完 玩 院 燒 surname Wu; cut off the feet; rising to a height; towering; bald; to cut off the feet; (semantically related to item 136) F
136 頑-一-丆-貝 㪴 尡 輝 䲮 㹕 㒯 耀 (item 135 is the main form) S
137 无 尤 㝼 㕱 拋 就 稽 be lame [wāng]; still [yóu]; lame; weak; KangXi radical 43 D
138 仺-人 (resembles items 139 and 234) W
139 虐-虍 㖸 瘧 謔 (resembles item 138) U
140 夅 舛 佭 降 圍 舞 衛   O
141 至-土 到 侄 厔 屋 室 臺 檯   C
142 弌 代 弍 式 武 袋 試 to shoot; catch, arrest; shoot with bow; KangXi radical 56 H
143 奊 捑 䜁   V
144 㠪 卡 仧 仩 叔 淑 督 on; on top; upon; first (of multiple parts); previous; last; upper; higher; above; to climb; to go into; to go up; to attend (class or university); third tone of putonghua; top; superior, highest; go up, send up; (semantically related to item 43) A
145 北-匕 丠 乖 㘳 背 乘 剩 燕   I
146 以-([仌-人]/[囚-囗]/[戍-戈]) 似 姒 泤 娰 笖 䎣 苡   A
147 步-止 涉 埗 徏 捗 歲 賓 蘋   L
148 少 尐 仦 你 原 您 就 small; tiny; few; young; small, tiny, insignificant; KangXi radical 42; (semantically related to item 149; resembles item 150) A
149 [歩-止]/[覍-見] 尙 尜 渉 (item 148 is the main form; resembles item 150) X
150 光-兀 肖 侊 坣 消 常 當 廠 (resembles items 148 and 149) E
151 可 㐰 㕣 㕤 同 知 個 mouth; (classifier for things with mouths such as people, domestic animals, cannons, wells etc); open end; entrance, gate; KangXi radical 30; (resembles item 152) A
152 㘝 㘞 囙 因 回 個 國 enclosure; erect, proud; upright; bald; KangXi radical 31; (resembles item 151) C
153 乢 屲 㞤 岡 剛 獃 鋼 mountain; hill; surname Shan; mountain, hill, peak; KangXi radical 46 E
154 帀 市 㠲 匝 希 常 滿 towel; kerchief; turban; KangXi radical 50 G
155 繭-艹-糹-虫 㒳 襺   U
156 [監-臣-皿]/[覧-臣-見]/[鍳-臣-金] 㔋 儖 㜮 藍 籃 艦 覽   R
157 [仟-亻]/[仠-亻]/[吀-口] 圲 奷 屽 扦 汘 阡 乖   R
158 [刋-刂]/[叐-又]/[䢴-阝] 圱 谸 䟦 𧗤 (resembles items 114 and 115) V
159 [扥-扌]/[䣨-酉]/[䤜-釒] 扥 䣨 䤜 (resembles item 117) W
160 圳 夼 汌 杊 訓 順 馴 river; creek; plain; an area of level country; abbr. for Sichuan Province 四川 in southwest China; stream, river; flow; boil; KangXi radical 47; (semantically related to item 223) Q
161 巟-亡 㠩 㐬 侃 流 梳 疏 荒   P
162 㣔 彴 彵 很 後 得 衕 step; step with left foot; KangXi radical 60 C
163 㐱 㣉 形 尨 修 參 影 streaks; hair; KangXi radical 59 I
164 匆-勹 囪 卥 㢴 怱 偬 茐 葱   P
165 印-卩 茚 裦 褎 褏 鮣 襃   Q
166 犯 犰 犱 狗 猪 猫 獨 dog; KangXi radical 94; (semantically related to item 252) P
167 卯-卩 乮 奅 㡻 柳 聊 卿 鉚   R
168 䇖-([竺-二]/[竻-力]/[竽-于]) 剓 㥎 棃 犂 睝 䊍 黎   S
169 [犱-犭]/[訙-(言/訁)] 㿪 䆒 秇 執 勢 熱 熟 (resembles item 170) M
170 奿 汍 肒 䀓 紈 䎠 芄 pill; small round object; pellet, pill; (resembles item 169) O
171 Defined in conjunction with item 182, the present item (number 171) is the K-like portion on the right side of the remainder of 䐡-亠-刀-肉 齊 劑 儕 濟 齋 擠 臍   N
172 外 㐴 匇 多 名 够 夠 evening; dusk; evening, night, dusk; slanted; KangXi radical 36; (resembles item 173) B
173 囱-丿-口 麥 悤 窗 璁 總 聰 蔥 (item 174 is the main form; resembles item 172) L
174 冬 各 夅 後 處 愛 路 to follow; go; KangXi radical 34; (semantically related to item 173; resembles items 175 and 290) C
175 㚇 䒘 㣭 㨑 䁓 䍟 䈦 slow; go slowly; KangXi radical 35; (semantically related to item 290; resembles item 174) U
176 匛 奺 㡱 灸 玖 疚 畝 (long) time; (long) duration of time; long time (ago); time passage, grow late H
177 广 庀 庁 庂 底 度 麼 應 wide; numerous; to spread; surname Guang; wide, extensive, broad; KangXi radical 53 E
178 匄 忘 㠵 吂 忙 望 網 to die; to perish; death, destroyed; lose, perish L
179 屰 豆 並 㒺 前 喜 道 straw; herbs; weeds; (semantically related to item 180) C
180 [剅-一-口-刂]/[豇-一-口-工]/[郖-一-口-阝] 㪷 㰯 䜴 獃 鼓 頭 樹 (item 179 is the main form) J
181 slave girl; forked; bifurcation; (semantically related to item 182) V
182 Defined in conjunction with item 171, the present item (number 182) is the Y-like portion (similar to item 181, 丫) on the left side (or center, depending on your perspective) of the remainder of 䐡-亠-刀-肉 齊 劑 儕 濟 齋 擠 臍 (item 181 is the main form) N
183 荘 奨 half of tree trunk; KangXi radical 90; (semantically related to item 340) V
184 赱-土   W
185 [畄-田]/[巣-果] 労 単 栄 悩 挙 営 弾   W
186 㲸 㲹 㲺 沒 没 法 清 water; KangXi radical 85; (semantically related to item 277) B
187 㣺 忇 忉 快 怪 性 情 heart; KangXi radical 61; (semantically related to item 325) G
188 㝉 㝊 宂 字 完 定 家 roof; KangXi radical 40 C
189 [𢏐-弓-厶]/[𥿢-糹-厶] 隺 傕 搉 㴶 榷 確 鶴   P
190 乏 㞫 㝎 泛 芝 眨 貶 (possessive particle, literary equivalent of 的); him; her; it; marks preceding phrase as modifier of following phrase; it, him her, them; go to O
191 夛 㞪 剥 㟤 禄 緑 録 pig's head; snout; KangXi radical 58; (semantically related to item 217; interrelated with item 192) P
192 [帚-冖-巾]/[急-𠂊-心]/[䋓-糹-𠂊] 㓎 侵 唚 雪 掃 尋 慧 (interrelated with item 191; distinguish from item 193) M
193 榋-([札-乚]/[朰-乙]/[㭁-乃]) (distinguish from item 192) Y
194 韋-口-㐄 偉 圍 㙔 喡 違 衛 韓 (resembles item 195) O
195 叏-又 (resembles item 194) W
196 尼 㞋 凥 局 呢 展 据 person representing the dead (during burial ceremonies); to put a corpse on display (after execution); variant of 屍; corpse; to impersonate the dead; to preside; KangXi radical 44 H
197 包 㐶 囘 异 抱 跑 港 6th earthly branch: 9-11 a.m., 4th solar month (5th May-5th June), year of the Snake; the hours from 9 to 11; (semantically related to item 199; resembles items 200 and 201) K
198 攺-攵 (resembles items 199 and 202) W
199 巸-([㺿-𤣩]/[宧-宀]/[洍-氵]) 巺 巽 媐 熙 僎 撰 選 (item 197 is the main form; resembles item 198) L
200 𡉏 𤏁 𤣱 already; to stop; then; afterwards; finished; stop; (resembles items 197 and 201) E
201 妃 㞯 忌 紀 起 記 配 self; oneself; sixth of 10 heavenly stems 十天干; sixth in order; letter "F" or roman "VI" in list "A, B, C", or "I, II, III" etc; hexa; self, oneself; personal, private; 6th heavenly stem; KangXi radical 49; (resembles items 197 and 200) E
202 [妀-女]/[邔-阝]/[改-攵] (resembles item 198) I
203 㢧 弘 張 強 發 强 窮 a bow (weapon); surname Gong; bow; curved, arched; KangXi radical 57 H
204 㞢 出 艸 拙 掘 茁 嗤 plants sprouting; sprout; KangXi radical 45; (resembles item 205) A
205 [屰-䒑]/[艸-屮]/[㞷-王] 㞣 㡿 芔 逆 溯 塑 趨 (resembles item 204) T
206 仔 孕 好 字 㜽 李 學 son; child; seed; egg; small thing; 1st earthly branch: 11 p.m.-1 a.m., midnight, 11th solar month (7th December to 5th January), year of the Rat; (noun suffix); offspring, child; fruit, seed of; KangXi radical 39; (resembles items 207 and 208) A
207 孔 孖 㜾 孩 教 郭 熟 alone; mosquito larvae; small; remaining, left-over; lonely; (resembles items 206 and 208) H
208 larvae of mosquito; beautiful; (resembles items 206 and 207) V
209 他 㐌 匜 地 她 池 施 also; too; (in classical Chinese) final particle serving as copula; classical final particle of strong affirmation or identity A
210 㚢 安 㚣 囡 要 接 數 female; woman; daughter; woman, girl; feminine; KangXi radical 38; (semantically related to item 211) C
211 [奴-又]/[奵-丁]/[奶-乃] 好 如 她 㚤 㚥 㚦 姐 (item 210 is the main form) B
212 [辰-厂-二]/[畏-田-一] 侲 展 振 㖘 䣅 晨 農   N
213 氶-了 丞 卺 㞼 拯 巹 洆 蒸   U
214 匁 仭 䑒 劔 edged tool, cutlery, knife edge V
215 羽/[𠁨-中] 䣁 羾 羿 扇 翁 習 翻   M
216 厯-厂-([札-乚]/[朰-乙]/[㭁-乃])-木 (resembles item 325) Y
217 互 仾 冱 彙 綠 緣 錄 (see item 191 for meaning); (semantically related to item 191) N
218 䢳 䦹 䦺 那 除 部 都 mound; place; KangXi radical 170 B
219 仍 夃 奶 扔 㞧 秀 透 to be; thus; so; therefore; then; only; thereupon; really, indeed; as it turned out, after all; namely P
220 [鄕-白-七-卩]/[郷-([即-卩]/[既-旡])-阝]/[鄊-([䎲-乙]/[耴-乚]/[刵-刂])-阝] 鄉 雍 㢕 擁 曏 響 饗 (resembles item 222) K
221 㢟 廵 廷 延 建 健 鍵 to march; go; KangXi radical 54 K
222 乣 幻 㓜 後 幾 麼 機 youngest; most junior; tiny; one (unambiguous spoken form when spelling out numbers, esp. on telephone or in military); one or ace on dice or dominoes; variant of 吆, to shout; one; tiny, small; KangXi radical 52; (resembles item 220) C
223 㜽 廵 災 坙 經 腦 輕 (see item 106 for meaning); (semantically related to item 160) K
224 [仹-亻]/[夆-夂]/[玤-𤣩] 妦 拝 炐 拜 逢 蜂 潔 (resembles item 280) N
225 [䓓-艹-寸]/[鋳-釒-寸] 䓓 鋳 (resembles item 284) Y
226 主 玊 全 丟 住 往 望 king; surname Wang; king, ruler; royal; surname; KangXi radical 96; (semantically related to item 227) G
227 𤣩 玌 㺨 㺩 玩 現 球 理 (item 226 is the main form) D
228 [生-丿]/[毒-母]/[靑-円] 夝 姓 徃 星 情 清 請 (semantically related to item 229) A
229 [甥-丿-田-力]/[戥-日-丿-戈] 甡 甧 㽓 (item 228 is the main form) U
230 丼 㓝 阱 囲 㘫 坓 耕 warn; well; surname Jing; well, mine shaft, pit Q
231 失 伕 㠸 卷 拳 勝 跌 porter; husband; man; man, male adult, husband; those; (semantically related to item 232) L
232 [邞-阝]/[㚘-夫]/[規-見] 刾 替 僣 嫢 摫 槻 窺 (item 231 is the main form) M
233 廃-广-癶   Y
234 㒫-儿 (resembles item 138) W
235 老 考 㠻 者 教 都 著 KangXi radical 125 D
236 鈣 麫 beg for alms; beggar; beg; give; (resembles item 249) T
237 㭉 䒒 䒓 花 英 草 著 grass radical 草字頭兒|草字头儿[cao3 zi4 tou2 r5]; grass; KangXi radical 140; (resembles item 238; interrelated with item 126) I
238 [茍-勹-口]/[芈-([半-丷]/[㪯-文]/[𦍋-卝])] 雈 敬 蝆 警 護 歡 觀 (resembles items 237 and 239) M
239 㐀 羋 羐 哶 舊 匶 嚿 hair style; ore; (resembles item 238) O
240 昔-日 共 売 㓋 黄 備 錯 選   G
241 廿 卋 炗 度 黃 勤 滿 廣 twenty (20), in a limited number of set expressions; twenty, twentieth; KangXi radical 55; (semantically related to items 125 and 130) I
242 术 休 朵 來 林 保 麼 tree; wood; wood, lumber; wooden; KangXi radical 75; (semantically related to item 243; resembles items 244, 245 and 647) B
243 [札-乚]/[朰-乙]/[㭁-乃] 朲 朳 朴 林 想 麼 機 (item 242 is the main form; resembles items 244, 245 and 647) D
244 俆 凃 叙 除 新 親 餘 KangXi radical 75; (resembles items 242 and 243) D
245 [朮-丶]/[㳈-氵] 刹 沭 述 剎 秫 殺 術 (resembles items 242 and 243) N
246 伍 吾 㕶 悟 捂 梧 語 five; 5; surname; (semantically related to item 61) F
247 両-凵 兩 倆 㔝 爾 輛 彌 魎   G
248 巿 伂 沛 㤄 㧊 犻 肺 霈 revolve, make circuit, turn T
249 沔 眄 䞛 㴐 髩 麪 hidden; parapet; invisible; (resembles item 236) V
250 𠯢 thirty; thirty, thirtieth V
251 㔻 伓 否 杯 坯 胚 歪 (negative prefix); not; no; no, not; un-; negative prefix A
252 伏 㧋 吠 狀 哭 然 獃 (see item 166 for meaning); (semantically related to items 166 and 253) F
253 [㹜-犬]/[迖-辶] 倏 猋 㺉 獎 器 類 飆 (item 252 is the main form) N
254 死 列 㱙 夙 例 屍 烈 bad; wicked; evil; bad, vicious, depraved, wicked; KangXi radical 78; (semantically related to item 371) I
255 Japanese variant of 戶|户; door; family; KangXi radical 63; (semantically related to item 296; resembles item 321) V
256 伢 冴 厊 呀 邪 穿 撐 tooth; ivory; tooth, molars, teeth; serrated; KangXi radical 92; (distinguish from item 305) L
257 伅 囤 㹠 盹 純 頓 噸 to station (soldiers); to store up; difficult; stingy; village, hamlet; camp; station R
258 伐 划 戍 找 國 幾 機 spear; surname Ge; halberd, spear, lance; KangXi radical 62 E
259 炁 既 旣 溉 慨 概 暨 choke on something eaten; KangXi radical 71; (semantically related to item 260) R
260 兓 朁 僭 㔆 潛 噆 蠶 hairpin, clasp; wear in hair; (item 259 is the main form) T
261 囬-囗 面 廽 髙 偭 緬 麵 靨 (resembles item 283) H
262 正 㢟 㱏 步 政 歲 整 to stop; to prohibit; until; stop, halt, desist; detain; KangXi radical 77; (semantically related to item 263) F
263 [此-匕]/[歫-巨]/[歱-重] 些 佌 㠿 跑 路 跟 跳 (item 262 is the main form) G
264 [疋-乛]/[走-土]/[足-口] 辵 定 㱜 是 起 從 提   C
265 旦 㒲 㫐 是 時 得 都 sun; day; date, day of the month; abbr. for 日本|日本 Japan; daytime; KangXi radical 72; (resembles items 266 and 267) C
266 汩 㫚 曷 書 喝 替 會 to speak; to say; say; KangXi radical 73; (resembles items 265 and 267) D
267 [杲-木]/[炅-日]/[冒-目] 冐 昊 曶 最 帽 慢 曏 (resembles items 265 and 266) D
268 old variant of 帽[mao4]; hat; cap; (resembles item 269) V
269 [䏌-八]/[有-𠂇]/[肎-冖] 肓 肖 肙 前 情 清 請 (item 300 is the main form; resembles item 268) B
270 㚩 枏 耼 䑙 䒣 蚦 衻 tender; weak; gradually alterrrrating; (semantically related to item 392; resembles items 301 and 302) V
271 衰-亠-𧘇 滖 榱 㲤 簑 縗 蓑 䙑   U
272 仲 㕜 忠 沖 㞲 种 貴 within; among; in; middle; center; while (doing something); during; China; Chinese; hit (the mark); central; center, middle; in the midst of; hit (target); attain A
273 𣸰-氵-厂-口 𣸰 (distinguish from item 388) Z
274 靑 淸 yen (Japanese currency); Japanese variant of 圓|圆; yen V
275 [晩-日-𠂊-儿]/[象-𠂊-([彖-彑]/[豙-立])] 像 勨 嶑 潒 豫 橡 䂊   J
276 雋-亻-(隹-亻) 儁 寯 嶲 懏 擕 㒞 檇   V
277 氷 氹 冰 㲻 泉 線 踏 water; river; surname Shui; water, liquid, lotion, juice; KangXi radical 85; (semantically related to item 186; interrelated with item 377) F
278 丙 呐 㑂 陋 柄 炳 病 inside; inner; internal; within; interior; (semantically related to item 279) H
279 吶 妠 抐 汭 納 訥 鈉 inside; inner; internal; within; interior; inside, interior; domestic; (semantically related to item 278) H
280 㕩 㭋 害 割 瞎 憲 轄 buxom; good-looking; appearance and carriage of a person; surname Feng; abundant; plentiful; great; abundant, lush, bountiful, plenty; (resembles items 224 and 295) L
281 件 牟 告 吽 造 解 靠 ox; cow; bull; cow, ox, bull; KangXi radical 93; (semantically related to item 288; resembles item 289) G
282 劧 抙 杽 拿 掌 摩 擊 hand; (formal) to hold; person engaged in certain types of work; person skilled in certain types of work; personal(ly); convenient; KangXi radical 64; (semantically related to item 122) E
283 斉-文 剤 㨈 済 齊 濟 齋 擠 (resembles item 261) N
284 邦-阝 垹 挷 梆 邫 綁 幚 𨧜 (resembles items 225 and 285) R
285 看-目 拜 掰 湃 㗑 搿 (resembles item 284) C
286 㲌 尾 㕰 㘪 耗 毫 毯 hair; fur; pore; dime (classifier for jiao 角, one-tenth of yuan); surname Mao; hair, fur, feathers; coarse; KangXi radical 82 K
287 氕 㐹 㔕 汽 氛 氣 氫 gas; air; smell; weather; vital breath; to anger; to get angry; to be enraged; steam, vapor; KangXi radical 84 F
288 [㸨-丩]/[牝-匕]/[牞-力] 牠 㸩 㸪 物 牧 牲 特 (item 281 is the main form) L
289 先-儿 冼 洗 㧥 銑 贊 攢 鑽 (resembles item 281) F
290 收 攷 炇 改 放 故 教 knock; rap, tap; KangXi radical 66; (semantically related to item 175; resembles item 174) H
291 沜 版 扸 㭊 㲏 牌 牘 disc; sheet; thin piece; flake; a slice; film; TV play; to slice; to carve thin; partial; incomplete; one-sided; classifier for slices, tablets, tract of land, area of water; classifier for CDs, movies, DVDs etc; used with numeral 一[yi1]: classifier for scenario, scene, feeling, atmosphere, sound etc; slice, splinter, strip; KangXi radical 91 F
292 [亦-亠]/[赤-土] 亪 㑊 奕 変 迹 跡 嚇   P
293 伒 劤 匠 所 近 新 暫 catty; weight equal to 0.5 kg; a catty (approximately 500 g); an axe; keen, shrewd; KangXi radical 69 D
294 抓 坕 沠 爬 枛 爮 笊 claw; claw, nail, talon; animal feet; KangXi radical 87; (semantically related to item 298) P
295 dense; (resembles item 280) V
296 㦾 所 㦿 㧀 㧖 乺 㧁 a household; door; family; family, household; KangXi radical 63; (semantically related to items 255 and 321) E
297 交 㕮 㳇 爸 校 效 較 father; KangXi radical 88 B
298 妥 孚 寽 受 爭 採 愛 claw; KangXi radical 87; (semantically related to item 294) I
299 肊 肋 肌 脚 腦 腳 臉 meat; KangXi radical 130; (resembles item 300; interrelated with items 478 and 309) N
300 䏍 仴 刖 明 服 朋 能 moon; month; KangXi radical 74; (semantically related to item 269; resembles item 299) C
301 𣏵-([札-乚]/[朰-乙]/[㭁-乃]) 𣏵 (resembles items 270 and 302) Z
302 刐 彤 坍 䢷 枬 玬 炿 red; pellet; powder; cinnabar; cinnabar (native HgS); vermilion (artificial HgS used as pigment); (resembles items 270 and 301) R
303 氐 氒 低 㞴 底 昏 紙 clan name; maiden name; clan, family; mister; KangXi radical 83 L
304 𠂔 姊 泲 牬 胏 柹 㾅 秭 to stop R
305 (non-classical form same as 互) mutually; together; each other (dialect) scratching or clawing to and fro; (distinguish from item 256) V
306 [哌-口-𠂆]/[挀-扌-𠂆]/[派-氵-𠂆] 㢳 旅 脈 㭚 㭛 玈 眽   N
307 𧘇 表 哀 袁 俵 裏 壞 讓 (semantically related to item 308) J
308 [園-囗-土-口]/[遠-土-口-辶] 圜 還 攌 薗 㶎 薳 闤 (item 307 is the main form) F
309 [炙-火]/[䍃-缶]/[䏑-肉] 埓 將 㓘 䚻 然 搖 察 (interrelated with item 299) F
310 亙-一-一 恆 揯 絚 㮓 緪 䱍 䱭   S
311 夜-亠-亻 液 掖 㖡 腋 棭 焲 䘸   M
312 伩 吝 㞵 㞶 蚊 紋 紊 language; culture; writing; formal; literary; gentle; surname Wen; literature, culture, writing; KangXi radical 67; (semantically related to item 313) C
313 [対-寸]/[閔-門] 彥 產 斏 斑 憫 顏 鏟 (item 312 is the main form) M
314 [函-了-凵]/[渋-氵-止]/[皐-白-十] 隶 脊 康 率 涵 㖤 逮   Q
315 㫃 仿 㕫 於 放 房 旁 square; quadrilateral; power (such as cube 立方); classifier for square things; upright; honest; fair and square; surname Fang; direction; party (to a dispute); one side; place; method; prescription; just; then; only then; a square, rectangle; a region; local; KangXi radical 70 F
316 鬲-一-口-冂 隔 嗝 塥 㣂 䣓 融 獻   T
317 㶡 伙 灮 炎 秋 淡 談 fire; fire, flame; burn; anger, rage; KangXi radical 86; (semantically related to items 318 and 320) K
318 [灱-刀]/[灲-刂]/[炇-攵] 㶤 灴 灹 烟 談 燈 燒 (item 317 is the main form) M
319 [忝-一-大]/[㤗-([実-宀]/[春-日]/[秦-禾])] 恭 添 婖 悿 掭 舔 慕 (interrelated with item 325) S
320 㶨 杰 炁 馬 然 嗎 寫 fire; KangXi radical 86; (semantically related to item 317) D
321 戹 妒 帍 房 扇 編 篇 a household; door; family; KangXi radical 63; (semantically related to item 296; resembles item 255) L
322 礽 社 礿 神 祖 視 禮 sign (in various senses); sign from heaven, or omen; to exhibit, to show, to proclaim; cult; KangXi radical 113; (semantically related to item 354) J
323 沈 忱 㕪 妉 帎 枕 耽 to move on; to go out; coubtful; (semantically related to item 324) R
324 [邥-阝]/[瓭-瓦] 㱽 䧵 䪴 鴆 (item 323 is the main form) W
325 㣻 伈 忈 您 想 意 愛 heart; mind; mind, intelligence; soul; KangXi radical 61; (semantically related to item 187; resembles item 216; interrelated with item 319) A
326 辷 辸 辻 這 道 過 還 to walk (side part of split character); walk; walking; KangXi radical 162 D
327 唐 粛 傏 塘 搪 㜍 糖 pen; KangXi radical 129; (semantically related to item 509) O
328 隶-([函-了-凵]/[渋-氵-止]/[皐-白-十]) 康 埭 㥆 逮 慷 隸 糠 (resembles item 329) Q
329 爭-爫 浄 淨 掙 埩 睜 箏 靜 (resembles item 328) M
330 伊 君 吚 笋 窘 群 裙 surname Yin; to rule; govern; oversee; director Q
331 倉-人-一-口 創 傖 凔 搶 滄 槍 蒼   R
332 那-阝 㑚 哪 娜 挪 梛 𤥶 𤶸   B
333   swastika, one of the auspicious signs recognized (e.g. in Chinese Tathagata Buddhism) as being on the chest of Buddha (and variously seen in statuary on the chest, soles of the feet, or palms of the hands); (semantically related to item 338) W
334 决 刔 快 決 㹟 缺 筷 decisive; parted; fork; certain G
335 伬 呎 択 沢 咫 粎 蚇 one of the notes in the gongchepu; a Chinese foot; one-third of a meter; a ruler; a tape-measure; one of the three acupoints for measuring pulse in Chinese medicine; Chinese measure approx. 'foot' V
336 弚 弟 剃 涕 娣 第 梯 a string of 100 cash (arch.); to lament; to condole with; condole, mourn, pity; hang G
337 扭 妞 吜 忸 紐 羞 鈕 clown; surname Chou; 2nd earthly branch: 1-3 a.m., 12th solar month (6th January to 3rd February), year of the Ox; shameful; ugly; disgraceful; clown, comedian S
338   (see item 333 for meaning); (semantically related to item 333) W
339 䴡-一-([並-䒑]/[虚-虍]/[黹-㡀])-丿-(頃-丆-貝)-(比-(頃-丆-貝))   Y
340 壯 妝 狀 戕 將 裝 牆 bed; half of tree trunk; KangXi radical 90; (semantically related to item 343) K
341 眉-目 殸 媚 湄 堳 楣 聲 馨   K
342 色 把 吧 邑 㞎 爸 爬 Ba state during Zhou dynasty (in east of modern Sichuan); abbr. for east Sichuan or Chongqing; surname Ba; abbr. for Palestine or Palestinian; abbr. for Pakistan; to long for; to wish; to cling to; to stick to; something that sticks; close to; next to; spread open; informal abbr. for bus 巴士; bar (unit of pressure); nominalizing suffix on certain nouns, such as 尾巴, tail; greatly desire, anxiously hope G
343 臧-戈-臣 㵴 藏 贓 欌 㶓 臟 贜 (item 340 is the main form) T
344 伃 序 㘧 㜿 野 舒 預 I; to give; I, me N
345 毎 貫 實 慣 摜 樌 瑻 [unknown: wu2? variant guan1?] J
346 no; not; do not; surname; KangXi radical 80 U
347 伋 吸 圾 汲 㠷 級 笈 and; to reach; up to; in time for; extend; reach; come up to P
348 [湽-氵-田]/[葘-艹-田]/[輺-車-田] 㿳 鍿   Y
349 𣋡-日-冖-一-豕 𡣘   Z
350 𦉫 𦉫   Z
351 [実-宀]/[春-日]/[秦-禾] 奉 奏 㤗 泰 凑 捧 棒   L
352 匤 㺱 珏 鈺 瑩 璧 璽 jade; jade, precious stone, gem; KangXi radical 96 O
353 冓-冉 傋 寋 構 講 賽 購 讓   M
354 佘 宗 呩 票 察 際 標 to show; reveal; show, manifest; demonstrate; KangXi radical 113; (semantically related to item 322) N
355 朱 佅 妹 味 侏 珠 蛛 not yet; did not; have not; not; 8th earthly branch: 1-3 p.m., 6th solar month (7th July-6th August), year of the Sheep; (semantically related to item 356; resembles item 357) J
356 邾-丿-阝 剺 嫠 孷 氂 漦 犛 釐 (item 355 is the main form) U
357 抹 沫 妺 帓 昩 枺 茉 tip; end; final stage; latter part; inessential detail; powder; dust; opera role of old man; final, last, end; insignificant; (resembles item 355) R
358 逓-𠂆-辶   Y
359 伳 泄 呭 碟 葉 蝶 諜 life; age; generation; era; world; lifetime; (semantically related to item 372) J
360 佄 㤌 咁 某 甜 媒 謀 sweet; willing; abbr. for Gansu 甘肅|甘肃 province; surname Gan; sweetness; sweet, tasty; KangXi radical 99 P
361 枾-([札-乚]/[朰-乙]/[㭁-乃])   X
362 呠 㡷 㤓 泍 砵 笨 桳 roots or stems of plants; origin; source; this; the current; root; foundation; basis; (classifier for books, periodicals, files etc); root, origin, source; (semantically related to item 363) A
363 翉-(羽/[𠁨-中])-(羽/[𠁨-中]) (item 362 is the main form) Y
364 乬 巪 拒 炬 矩 距 渠 very large; huge; tremendous; gigantic; large, great, enormous; chief O
365 叓-又 䝴 橐 蟗 㯱 㯻 囊 蠹   U
366 乭 㓈 䂗 破 研 确 確 dry measure for grain equal to ten dou 斗; ten pecks; one hundred liters; rock; stone; surname Shi; stone, rock, mineral; KangXi radical 112 K
367 戌 成 㧔 城 减 歲 誠 fifth of 10 heavenly stems 十天干; fifth in order; letter "E" or roman "V" in list "A, B, C", or "I, II, III" etc; penta; 5th heavenly stem D
368 妻-女 凄 悽 淒 啛 捿 郪 棲   S
369 㞽 怴 泧 狘 眓 䋐 越 variant of 鉞|钺 battle-ax; a battle-axe, a halberd O
370 𠱂 convex; to stick out; protrude, bulge out, convex T
371 㛑 粲 䝳 儏 餐 㣓 燦 chip; vicious, depraved, bad; KangXi radical 78; (semantically related to item 254) Q
372 archaic variant of 世|世[shi4]; world; thirty, thirtieth; (semantically related to item 359) V
373 無 舞 㒇 撫 嘸 墲 蕪 40; forty, fortieth J
374 佤 㼗 㧚 瓮 瓶 瓷 甄 tile; earthenware pottery; girl; KangXi radical 98 R
375 [並-䒑]/[虚-虍]/[黹-㡀] 丵 掽 湴 普 業 對 碰   E
376 眔-罒 (resembles items 377 and 378) X
377 彔-彑 剝 剥 娽 綠 緑 錄 録 (resembles items 376 and 378; interrelated with item 277) N
378 [犀-尸-牛]/[遝-罒-辶]/[瘝-疒-罒] 㓾 墀 摨 遲 壞 懷 屬 (resembles items 376 and 377) O
379 䀎 䀏 盯 看 相 着 想 eye; item; section; list; catalogue; table of contents; order (taxonomy); goal; name; title; look, see; division, topic; KangXi radical 109 C
380 伹 冝 姐 宜 㚗 祖 組 further; moreover; moreover, also (post-subject); about to, will soon (pre-verb); (semantically related to item 381) J
381 [刞-刂]/[助-力]/[䢸-阝] 䢐 勗 筯 耡 莇 雎 鋤 (item 380 is the main form) M
382 叚-(囙-囗)-又 假 㗇 婽 暇 瑕 蝦 霞   M
383 伸 坤 呻 妽 神 紳 暢 to extend; to state; to explain; surname Shen; 9th earthly branch: 3-5 p.m., 7th solar month (7th August-7th September), year of the Monkey; to state to a superior, report; extend L
384 匣 㕅 庘 押 鉀 閘 鴨 armor; first of 10 heavenly stems 十天干; first in order; letter "A" or roman "I" in list "A, B, C", or "I, II, III" etc; first party (in legal contract, usually written 甲方, as opposed to second party 乙方); methyl; armor, shell; fingernails; 1st heavenly stem P
385 (Cant.) cockroach W
386 㕀 㽕 伷 油 黃 黄 廣 to follow; from; it is for...to; reason; cause; because of; due to; to; to leave it (to somebody); by (introduces passive verb); cause, reason I
387 (see item 385 for meaning) W
388 奄-大 俺 剦 匎 掩 淹 庵 電 (semantically related to item 389; resembles item 390; distinguish from item 273) F
389 䣍-([因-囗]/[夶-大]/[尖-小])-阝 㪑 鵪 (item 388 is the main form; resembles item 390) Y
390 竜-立 滝 篭 (resembles items 388 and 389) X
391 乪 甶 男 㽖 留 畫 當 field; farm; surname Tian; field, arable land, cultivated; KangXi radical 102 E
392 再 㘱 侢 稱 構 講 購 surname Ran; passing (of time); tender; weak; proceed gradually; (semantically related to item 270) G
393 beg; center; center, conclude, run out; (semantically related to item 394) J
394 [佒-亻]/[㹧-犭]/[咉-口] 姎 岟 映 殃 秧 盎 英 (item 393 is the main form) J
395 [倹-亻-人-一]/[剣-人-一-刂]   X
396 㳏 鉂 駛 history; surname Shi; history, chronicle, annals L
397 免-𠂊 兔 勉 俛 凂 晚 冕 逸 (resembles item 398) M
398 兎-丿-丶 (resembles item 397) W
399 [佀-亻]/[官-宀]/[苢-艹] 㭒 倌 棺 管 遣 館 譴 (resembles item 400) K
400 according to; to use; with, for; (resembles item 399) U
401 血 盀 盁 益 温 衆 溫 dish; vessel; shallow container; rad. no. 108; KangXi radical 108; (semantically related to item 402) M
402 [䘏-丿-阝]/[勐-子-力]/[衃-丿-不] 衂 䘐 衄 䘑 衇 衈 衉 (item 401 is the main form) X
403 扁-户 侖 㕟 倫 論 編 篇 輪 (resembles item 404) M
404 刪 姍 珊 柵 笧 粣 跚 book; booklet; classifier for books; book, volume; (semantically related to item 405; resembles items 403 and 476) R
405 删 姗 㹪 栅 book; booklet; classifier for books; book, volume, register, list; (semantically related to item 404; resembles item 476) R
406 䍐 罖 䍒 買 慢 還 聽 net; KangXi radical 122 F
407 呬 怬 瀆 牘 續 讀 贖 four; 4 F
408 禼 禽 摛 璃 離 竊 籬 to track (as in "track a bear"); trample; rump; KangXi radical 114 O
409 作 厏 㡸 怎 昨 炸 窄 for the first time; suddenly; first time, for the first time G
410 㟀 咊 姀 穀 歷 曆 蘇 cereal; grain; grain still on stalk; rice plant; KangXi radical 115; (semantically related to item 411) N
411 [䄦-了]/[䄧-乃]/[利-刂] 禿 秀 私 种 科 香 種 (item 410 is the main form) H
412 段-([殳-又]/[朵-木])-又 塅 椴 㱭 煅 瑖 緞 鍛   Q
413 乒 乓 兵 岳 坵 㚱 蚯 Confucius; given name; mound; hill; elder; empty; a name; (semantically related to item 414) Q
414 邱-阝 (item 413 is the main form) V
415 癿 㒵 的 原 樂 線 幫 white; snowy; pure; bright; empty; blank; plain; clear; to make clear; in vain; gratuitous; free of charge; reactionary; anti-communist; funeral; to stare coldly; to write wrong character; to state; to explain; vernacular; spoken lines in opera; surname Bai; pure, unblemished; KangXi radical 106 B
416 拆 坼 泝 柝 㿭 蚸 訴 to blame; to reprove; to reprimand; to expel; to oust; to scold, upbraid, accuse, reproach L
417 狐 孤 弧 呱 㧓 瓢 瓤 melon; gourd; squash; melon, gourd, cucumber; KangXi radical 97; (semantically related to item 418) Q
418 㼌-瓜 寙 㼓 窳 蓏 㺠 瓣 瓥 (item 417 is the main form) U
419 乯 呼 垀 泘 㭔 烀 䉿 (final particle in classical Chinese, expressing question or doubt, similar to 嗎|吗); interrogative or exclamatory final particle P
420 㸔-目   Y
421 聯 關 壣 㶌 㺦 tufts of hair; child's hairstyle bound in two tufts; ore; (semantically related to item 239) M
422 [留-田]/[貿-貝] 溜 㨨 媹 榴 劉 瘤 餾   I
423 㽱 㽲 疓 病 疼 疾 痛 sick, sickness; Kang Xi radical 140; sick; KangXi radical 104 L
424 䇂 位 㕇 音 接 新 意 set up; to stand; stand; let stand; establish, set; KangXi radical 117; (semantically related to item 425) D
425 [竌-几]/[竍-十]/[䇃-巳] 竏 䇅 䇆 站 靖 端 竭 (item 424 is the main form) D
426 幸-土 南 㓑 丵 執 報 擇 釋 (distinguish from item 503) J
427 初 䘜 䘝 衹 被 裡 複 gown; clothes; KangXi radical 145; (semantically related to item 516) J
428 佖 泌 㘠 㧙 秘 密 蜜 certainly; must; will; necessarily; surely, most certainly H
429 泳 咏 脉 㫤 詠 漾 樣 forever; always; perpetual; long, perpetual, eternal, forever J
430 盡-灬-皿 儘 嚍 嬧 孻 濜 燼 㯸   R
431 庚-广 掶 㹹 椩 焿 菮 賡 𢉼 (semantically related to item 432) V
432 鶊-广-([島-山]/[梟-木]/[鳥-灬])-灬 (item 431 is the main form) Z
433 [即-卩]/[既-旡] 剆 勆 鄉 節 概 曏 響   K
434 冺 刡 氓 呡 囻 㢯 眠 the people; nationality; citizen; people, subjects, citizens I
435 佛 刜 㔗 拂 沸 彿 費 (bookish) not; not willing; not; not, negative K
436 兕 垇 㾎 𠱃 a depression; indentation; concave; hollow; concave, hollow, depressed; a pass, valley T
437 佊 彼 波 㢰 破 被 婆 leather; skin; fur; surname Pi; pico- (one trillionth); skin, hide, fur, feather; outer; KangXi radical 107; (semantically related to item 438) K
438 [㓟-刂]/[㝿-尢]/[㿬-巴] 㿪 皯 皰 㿳 頗 㿵 皹 (item 437 is the main form) S
439 癷 癸 癹 發 登 燈 證 back-to-back; opposed; legs; KangXi radical 105 H
440 䂆 柔 䂇 敄 務 橘 霧 spear; lance; pike; spear, lance; KangXi radical 110 M
441 每 㑄 毒 姆 㝀 海 梅 female; mother; female elders G
442 馬-灬 䭴 傌 獁 嗎 媽 騎 驗   D
443 銭 䬻 (abbreviated form of 錢) money; cash, a unit of weight, a Chinese family name W
444 佴 㑙 㛅 聖 聞 輯 聲 ear; handle (archaeology); and that is all (classical Chinese); merely, only; handle; KangXi radical 128; (semantically related to item 445) K
445 [䎲-乙]/[耴-乚]/[刵-刂] 取 耵 耶 最 敢 聯 聽 (item 444 is the main form) D
446 其-([六-亠]/[只-口]/[兵-丘]) 甚 倛 剘 基 期 斯 欺   I
447 帶-冖-巾 僀 滯 㗣 墆 嵽 廗 㦅   K
448 㫫-日 搢 溍 鄑 㬐 榗 瑨 霊   X
449 [叀-厶]/[恵-心] 曺 穂   X
450 使 㤦 㹬 civil servant; minor official; government official, magistrate K
451 価 要 䙲 票 賈 價 覆 KangXi radical 146; (semantically related to item 456; interrelated with item 452) C
452 䙴 覇 覉 覊 cover; radical no 146; KangXi radical 146; (semantically related to item 456; interrelated with item 451) U
453 㞖 㢀 拺 洓 策 棘 棗 stab; (semantically related to item 454; resembles item 531) R
454 [刺-刂]/[敇-攵]/[棗-朿] 棘 僰 箣 莿 㻷 蕀 襋 (item 453 is the main form; resembles item 532) R
455 弻 䇧 to lick; to taste, a mat, bamboo bark W
456 西 哂 垔 㛉 迺 茜 煙 甄 west; the West; Spain (abbr.); Spanish; west(ern); westward, occident; KangXi radical 146; (semantically related to item 451; interrelated with item 452) F
457 侕 耍 耐 㖇 㧫 瑞 需 and; as well as; and so; but (not); yet (not); (indicates causal relation); (indicates change of state); (indicates contrast); and then; and yet; but; KangXi radical 126 F
458 𠩐-厂 𠩐 (distinguish from item 576) Z
459 侇 姨 咦 峓 㹫 䧅 胰 non-Han people, esp. to the East of China; barbarians; to wipe out; to exterminate; to tear down; to raze; ancient barbarian tribes T
460 卧 臤 臥 堅 緊 監 藍 statesman; vassal; courtier; minister; official; minister, statesman, official; KangXi radical 131 O
461 彧-口-(或-戈-口) 稶 𢒰   X
462 虎 䖈 虒 處 號 據 戲 stripes of tiger; tiger; KangXi radical 141 K
463 虛-虍 噓 憈 墟 譃 驉 魖 鱋 (semantically related to item 464) S
464 [戱-虍-戈]/[覷-虍-見] 歔 㩬 (item 463 is the main form) Y
465 直-十 具 真 值 俱 植 置 填   D
466 [單-口-口]/[単-([畄-田]/[巣-果])] 弾 戦 椫 彈 戰 蟬 闡   K
467 𣂷-廿-斤 𣂼 (resembles item 546; distinguish from item 545) Z
468 [㤤-忄]/[㻀-𤣩]/[茰-艹]   X
469 㳛 螤 an instant; a little while; a short time W
470 曵 洩 㖂 㡼 拽 㹭 栧 drag; trail, tow, drag, pull U
471 䖝 虬 虭 風 蛋 雖 屬 an animal; an invertebrate; a worm; an insect; insects, worms; KangXi radical 142 H
472 㑋 㖆 浀 農 濃 禮 體 bent; crooked; wrong; tune; song; crooked, bent; wrong, false L
473 典-([六-亠]/[只-口]/[兵-丘]) 倎 唺 㙉 婰 㥏 捵 碘   O
474 剮 卨 過 窩 禍 蝸 鍋 skeleton; bone with the meat stripped off; (resembles item 475) D
475 骨-([䏌-八]/[有-𠂇]/[肎-冖]) 䯆 䯇 傦 滑 骯 體 髒 (resembles item 474) L
476 狦-犭 (resembles items 405 and 404) X
477 曾-丷-日 會 僧 增 層 憎 㣒 贈   D
478 肏 朒 䏑 胔 胬 腐 瘸 meat; flesh; pulp (of a fruit); KangXi radical 130; (interrelated with item 299) L
479 哖 姩 脌 鵇 𢆡 year; new-years; person's age B
480 [卸-卩]/[䣃-阝] 欫 御 啣 衘 禦 篽 蓹   U
481 㑍 洡 筙 䋘 䒹 誄 銇 plow; handle of plow; KangXi radical 127; (semantically related to item 482) U
482 [耓-丁]/[䣂-阝]/[耔-子] 䎢 耗 耕 耘 耙 耖 籍 (item 481 is the main form) S
483 㓡 匋 厒 缺 搖 摇 寶 pottery; earthen crock or jar; KangXi radical 121 Q
484 制-刂 淛 猘 掣 㫼 痸 製 䎺   I
485 bamboo; flute; KangXi radical 118; (interrelated with item 486) G
486 [竺-二]/[竻-力]/[竽-于] 䇖 竼 竾 笑 第 等 算 (interrelated with item 485) H
487 衆 潨 㵵 stand side by side Q
488 [眾-罒]/[臮-自] 聚 潀 㔌 鄹 䝦 藂 驟   Q
489 兒 臽 㧮 插 鼠 寫 舊 mortar; bone joint socket; KangXi radical 134 G
490 臫 㑑 首 㞒 息 道 邊 from; self; oneself; since; self, private, personal; KangXi radical 132 B
491 卑-十 俾 啤 埤 牌 脾 碑 痺   Q
492 烏-灬 嗚 塢 嵨 溩 鄔 隖 㮧   R
493 [阜-十]/[㢂-广]/[峊-山] 帥 垖 師 追 䏨 獅 歸   P
494 殷 溵 慇 磤 蒑 (corrupted form) to follow, to trust to; to put confidence in; to depend on, to turn around; to turn the body, (interchangeable 隱) U
495 侜 洀 歬 烐 珘 矪 貈 boat (bookish); boat; boat, ship; KangXi radical 137; (semantically related to item 496) O
496 [䑠-了]/[舠-刀]/[䑢-兀] 䑡 䑣 舡 航 般 船 搬 (item 495 is the main form) O
497 [葪-艹]/[攨-扌] 鹵 㔪 滷 鹹 鹽 鹼 鬱   P
498 𡷊-山 𡷊   Z
499 [彖-彑]/[豙-立] 象 㥟 䧘 像 緣 豫 橡 (semantically related to item 500; resembles item 538) J
500 [剶-彑-刂]/[盠-彑-皿]/[䗍-彑-虫] 勨 毅 䞼 顡 鶨 䉨 藙 (item 499 is the main form; resembles item 539) T
501 佻 挑 咷 垗 逃 桃 跳 omen; million; million million, trillion; mega; also trillion. China = million; Japan and Taiwan = trillion M
502 隹-亻 㕍 䧱 倠 進 誰 應 雖   I
503 佯 洋 㟄 咩 業 詳 群 surname Yang; sheep; sheep, goat; KangXi radical 123; (interrelated with items 504 and 505; distinguish from item 426) L
504 [劷-力]/[羏-彡]/[䍨-巿] 䍩 羒 羓 羖 羚 翔 羯 (interrelated with item 503) T
505 𦍌 羌 美 姜 差 着 對 樣 (interrelated with item 503) E
506 侎 冞 咪 屎 眯 粱 燦 meter (classifier); rice; surname Mi; hulled or husked uncooked rice; KangXi radical 119; (semantically related to item 507) N
507 [匊-勹]/[籵-十]/[籶-几] 䉺 夈 籷 氣 粉 精 類 (item 506 is the main form) H
508 洲 㖄 栦 喌 絒 酬 詶 province; sub-prefecture; state (e.g. of US); administrative division, state R
509 侓 冿 建 律 㖀 筆 鍵 (arch. introductory particle); then; and then; writing brush, pencil; thereupon; KangXi radical 129; (semantically related to item 327; resembles item 511) K
510 肅-([淵-氵-一]/[蜵-虫-一]/[裫-衤-一]) 㔅 嘯 㩋 蕭 簫 繡 鏽   T
511 書-曰 晝 畫 圕 畵 劃 㗲 嫿 (resembles item 509) I
512 䏋-心-巳   Y
513   W
514 良 佷 很 限 㡾 根 跟 blunt; tough; chewy; one of the eight trigrams; seventh of eight diagrams; KangXi radical 138; (item 515 is the main form) C
515 [退-辶]/[䦘-門] 郞 煺 腿 㾼 㾿 閬 褪 (semantically related to item 514) Q
516 依 㕈 䘚 袋 裂 裝 製 clothes; to dress; to wear; to put on (clothes); clothes, clothing; cover, skin; KangXi radical 145; (semantically related to items 427 and 517) K
517 裁-十-戈 衾 搇 褰 攐 𠹸 (item 516 is the main form) S
518 臦-臣 燛 臩   Y
519 系 係 䋀 累 絲 緊 纍 silk; fine silk; KangXi radical 120; (semantically related to item 520) M
520 糺 䊵 糼 給 結 經 線 silk; KangXi radical 120; (semantically related to item 519) I
521 套 髟 䦇 肆 髮 鬆 鬍 be long; long P
522 畱-田 㙧 㩅 澑 橊 璢 癅 羀 (resembles item 536) Y
523 俅 㛏 㞗 㟈 㤹 捄 球 to seek; to look for; to request; to demand; to beseech; seek; demand, request; beseech; (semantically related to item 524) I
524 [㐜-九]/[䣇-阝]/[救-攵] 毬 逑 皳 盚 裘 慦 䥭 (item 523 is the main form) N
525 軋 軍 䡂 䡃 連 運 較 car; vehicle; machine; to shape with a lathe; surname Che; vehicle on land; cart, vehicle; carry in cart; KangXi radical 159 G
526 乶 㕊 俌 捕 博 補 鋪 just; just now; begin; man, father; great; a distance of ten li P
527 便 埂 㛐 㹴 梗 硬 鞭 to change; more; even more; further; still; still more; more, still further, much more; (semantically related to item 528) H
528 [郠-阝]/[䢚-辶] 郠 䢚 (item 527 is the main form) X
529 曹-曰 傮 嘈 㜖 㡟 遭 槽 糟   T
530 唖 悪 Japanese variant of 亞|亚; Asia; second; (semantically related to item 577) W
531 㑛 凁 娕 悚 捒 涑 辣 to bind; bunch; bundle; classifier for bunches, bundles, beams of light etc; to control; surname Shu; bind, control, restrain; bale; (semantically related to item 532; resembles item 453) P
532 [剌-刂]/[勅-力]/[敕-攵] 速 㩽 欶 喇 整 賴 懶 (item 531 is the main form; resembles item 454) L
533 栆-([仒-人]/[斗-十]/[冬-夂])   X
534 䣥 酊 酋 酒 配 猶 醫 wine; the tenth "earthly branch"; 10th earthly branch: 5-7 p.m., 8th solar month (8th September-7th October), year of the Cock; a wine vessel; KangXi radical 164; (semantically related to item 536) N
535 唡-口   X
536 桺 駵 䱖 ancient form of the tenth of the twelve Terrestrial Branches, U+9149 酉; (semantically related to item 534; resembles item 522) W
537 㳤-氵   X
538 㒸 家 冡 隊 墜 據 蒙 hog; swine; a pig, boar; KangXi radical 152; (semantically related to item 539; resembles item 499) C
539 [䝅-土]/[圂-囗]/[豗-兀] 逐 豘 豜 遂 劇 豬 隧 (item 538 is the main form; resembles item 500) Q
540 [㺿-𤣩]/[宧-宀]/[洍-氵] 巸 姬 㼢 䇫 媐 熙 頤 (resembles item 541) U
541 弬-弓 (resembles item 540) X
542 䑓-(至-土)-土   Y
543 俚 厘 㢆 理 量 裡 裏 lining; interior; inside; internal; Li (surname); li (Chinese mile); 500 meters (modern); home; hometown; village; neighborhood; administrative unit; unit of distance; lane; KangXi radical 166; (semantically related to item 544) J
544 野-予 䣑 墅 嘢 氃 㼿 䚒 䴀 (item 543 is the main form) Q
545 堇-廿 僅 厪 墐 嫤 㨷 瑾 謹 (semantically related to item 546; resembles item 547; distinguish from item 467) S
546 [勤-廿-力]/[鄞-廿-阝]/[斳-廿-斤] 㝻 歏 㢙 懃 懄 覲 (item 545 is the main form; resembles item 467) S
547 𧫴-(言/訁)-艹 𧫴 (resembles item 545) Z
548 則 貞 貟 買 費 實 頭 cowries; shell; valuables; shellfish; surname Bei; sea shell; money, currency; KangXi radical 154 J
549 俔 覌 覙 現 規 親 覺 to see; to meet; to appear (to be something); to interview; appear; see, observe, behold; perceive; KangXi radical 147 D
550 患 梙 漶 賗 槵 鋛 瞣 to string together; to mix up; to conspire; to connect; a string (computing); (classifier for rows or strings); string; relatives; conspire S
551 挿-扌 (resembles item 609) X
552 俄 㧴 哦 義 蛾 鵝 議 I; me; my; our, us, i, me, my, we B
553 叟-又 傁 㟬 搜 嫂 㥰 瘦 艘   T
554 盥-水-皿 與 興 學 舉 㒜 覺 譽 (resembles item 555) E
555 𦥑 (resembles item 554) Z
556 㑗 射 躬 㛛 㧶 窮 謝 body; torso; person; life; status; pregnancy; classifier for clothes: suit; trunk, hull; KangXi radical 158 G
557 [島-山]/[梟-木]/[鳥-灬] 鳦 䲥 搗 鳳 鴻 鵝 鷄   M
558 宷 䧽 to sift; to distinguish; distinguish; KangXi radical 165; (semantically related to item 559) U
559 [䣋-阝]/[悉-心]/[番-田] 釉 奧 䎹 僁 播 翻 釋 (item 558 is the main form) Q
560 豹 豺 豻 貌 貓 懇 藐 (mythical animal); legless insects; a legendary beast; KangXi radical 153 P
561 言/訁 信 䚮 䚯 䚰 這 說 説 to speak; to say; talk; word; words, speech; speak, say; KangXi radical 149 C
562 [慶-乛-心-夂]/[𨭤-釒-夕-㐄]/[廌-(考-耂)-灬] 鹿 麀 麁 塵 麗 薦 曬   O
563 牽-牛 撁 㯠 縴 鏲   S
564 菐-([並-䒑]/[虚-虍]/[黹-㡀]) 僕 撲 噗 墣 䧤 樸 璞   T
565 㢼 敝 黹 幣 憋 蔽 斃 ragged clothing, ragged; old and wear out S
566 兼-䒑 傔 凲 廉 嫌 㡘 賺 謙 (semantically related to item 567) S
567 [甉-䒑-瓦]/[魐-鬼-䒑] 歉 㪠 䫡 鶼 鼸 (item 566 is the main form) R
568 鼠-臼 巤 䶂 䶃 竄 獵 臘 蠟   R
569 鼎-目 鼏 鼐 鼑 濎 䵺 鼒 檙   T
570 龍-立-([䏌-八]/[有-𠂇]/[肎-冖]) 㡣 儱 龎 壟 攏 嚨 籠   Q
571 variant of 卯; 4th of Earth Branches; period from 5-7 a.m. W
572 𦀩-糹 𦀩   Z
573 𠄘 𤉋 (resembles item 606) Z
574 [崋-山]/[華-艹] 嘩 墷 嬅 㠏 㦊 樺 曄   N
575 夀-口-寸   Y
576 張 帳 悵 㙊 脹 漲 賬 length; long; forever; always; constantly; chief; head; elder; to grow; to develop; excel in; leader; KangXi radical 168; (distinguish from item 458) G
577 俹 啞 埡 㝞 惡 椏 噁 Asia; Asian; second; next to; inferior; sub-; used as a prefix to names; (semantically related to item 530) Q
578 [專-寸]/[惠-心] 傳 團 䧠 磚 穗 轉 蕙   K
579 凍 倲 陳 㖦 埬 娻 棟 east; host (i.e. sitting on east side of guest); landlord; surname Dong; east, eastern, eastward; (semantically related to item 580) G
580 [㼯-瓦]/[㯥-東]/[䦨-門] 敶 䰤 鶇 (item 579 is the main form) Y
581 倳 剚 䭄 matter; thing; item; work; affair; affair, matter, business; to serve; accident, incident G
582 屚 漏 瘺 𠉴 𦲸 rain; rainy; KangXi radical 173; (semantically related to item 586) L
583 戞-戈 憂 嘠 優 擾 嚘 懮 瀀   S
584 冢 啄 㙇 㞘 㧻 琢 塚 a shackled pig; (semantically related to item 585) T
585 [剢-刂]/[䦠-門]/[𢽴-攵] 剢 䦠 𢽴 (item 584 is the main form) X
586 [雫-下]/[䨍-井]/[雬-木] 雪 䨋 雩 雲 電 零 需 (item 582 is the main form) G
587 倢 捷 啑 婕 寁 崨 徢   S
588 韭-一 䪞 韮 翡 懺 殲 纖 籤 (item 595 is the main form) U
589 棄-亠-厶 𠾍   S
590 巢 堁 婐 棵 彙 裸 課 fruit; result; really; (semantically related to item 591) C
591 [㞅-尢]/[㪙-攵]/[㼫-瓦] 敤 剿 勦 裹 夥 褁 顆 (item 590 is the main form) S
592 婁-女 僂 摟 㜢 㟺 數 樓 縷   J
593 閁 閂 們 問 開 間 關 gate; door; gateway; doorway; opening; valve; switch; way to do something; knack; family; house; (religious) sect; school (of thought); class; category; phylum or division (taxonomy); classifier for large guns; classifier for lessons, subjects, branches of technology; gate, door, entrance, opening; KangXi radical 169 C
594 skewer; spit, grill; a skewer X
595 俳 剕 匪 排 悲 罪 靠 non-; not-; un-; abbr. for Africa 非洲; wrong; evil-doing; insist on; simply must; not, negative, non-; oppose; KangXi radical 175; (semantically related to item 588) J
596 㨀 棅 𣶸 𤦋 𥡝 𥪕 𨧺 surname Bing; to grasp; to hold; to maintain; grasp, hold; bundle; authority T
597 㔱 庾 㥚 楰 腴 瘐 萸 surname Yu; a moment; little while; moment, instant, short while; (semantically related to item 598) X
598 惥-心 (item 597 is the main form) Y
599 [淵-氵-一]/[蜵-虫-一]/[裫-衤-一] 婣 棩 肅 嘯 蕭 簫 鏽   T
600 凎 㕋 唫 崟 崯 鑒 鑿 gold Au, transition metal, atomic number 79; metal; money; the Jurchen Jin dynasty (1115-1234); surname Jin or Kim; gold; metals in general; KangXi radical 167; (semantically related to item 601) I
601 釓 釔 䤛 錯 錢 錄 鐘 KangXi radical 167; (item 600 is the main form) K
602 䬢 飢 飣 飯 飲 餘 館 food; to eat; eat, food; KangXi radical 184; (semantically related to item 622) O
603 戠-日 幟 嬂 熾 旘 織 職 識   N
604 壷-士 (resembles item 624) X
605 庸-广 傭 墉 慵 嘃 嫞 㟾 㣑   S
606 to bear; to carry; to hold; to continue; to undertake; to take charge; owing to; due to; to receive; inherit, receive; succeed; (resembles item 573) R
607 㢘-广-灬   Y
608 𨸏 𨸏   Z
609 揷-扌 (resembles item 551) Y
610 揀 堜 媡 徚 煉 練 鍊 card; note; letter; letter, invitation; choose; (semantically related to item 611) O
611 [㼑-瓜]/[闌-門] 㪝 瀾 攔 㦨 爛 欄 蘭 (item 610 is the main form) S
612 鬦 鬧 鬨 鬩 䰗 鬪 䰘 to fight; to struggle; to condemn; to censure; to contend; to put together; coming together; struggle, fight, compete, contend; KangXi radical 191 O
613 勒 靪 㗆 靴 靶 鞋 鞍 animal hide; leather; to reform; to remove; to expel (from office); leather, animal hides; KangXi radical 177; (distinguish from item 626) P
614 [亀-𠂊]/[縄-糹]   X
615 偶 㥥 喁 遇 愚 萬 厲 (place); district; mountain in Zhejiang N
616 倕 厜 唾 捶 埵 睡 錘 to hang (down); droop; dangle; bend down; hand down; bequeath; nearly; almost; to approach; let down; suspend, hand; down; (semantically related to items 617 and 628; distinguish from item 628) M
617 [郵-阝]/[甀-瓦] 㩾 䳠 (item 616 is the main form) P
618 Japanese variant of 乘; ride, ascend; avail oneself of; numerary adjunct for vehicles; (resembles item 627) X
619 㡖 㣫 董 腫 種 懂 鍾 to double; to repeat; repetition; iteration; again; a layer; heavy; serious; heavy, weighty; double; (semantically related to item 620) H
620 [動-力]/[𤭮-瓦] 働 慟 㗢 衝 勲 憅 濌 (item 619 is the main form) I
621 偊 㙑 㝢 渪 鄅 楀 瑀 Yu the Great (c. 21st century BC), mythical leader who tamed the floods; surname Yu; legendary hsia dynasty founder V
622 飡 䬤 䬥 養 餐 癢 饗 animal feed; eat; food; to feed; meal; KangXi radical 184; (semantically related to item 602) N
623 偽 噅 媯 寪 溈 儰 㺔 as (in the capacity of); to take something as; to act as; to serve as; to behave as; to become; to be; to do; because of; for; to; do, handle, govern, act; be; (semantically related to item 638) E
624 壺-士 (resembles item 604) U
625 榌 䬠 䬡 騛 飜 飝 𢝵 to fly; fly; go quickly; dart; high; KangXi radical 183 J
626 㵮-氵-大 (distinguish from item 613) Y
627 剰-刂 (resembles item 618) X
628 trad variant of 垂; to hand down; let down; suspend, hand; down; (semantically related to item 616; distinguish from item 616) X
629 羲-𦍌 犧 曦 爔 㰕 䂀 𡾞   T
630 傀 塊 愧 㟴 瑰 醜 魔 ghost; sly; crafty; spirit of dead; devil; KangXi radical 194 M
631 鬬-鬥-斤 (resembles items 632 and 633) Z
632 [㓸-刂]/[斲-斤] 㓸 斲 (resembles items 633 and 631) Y
633 鬭-鬥-斤 (resembles items 632 and 631) Z
634 [傼-亻]/[嘆-口]/[漢-氵] 歎 暵 艱 難 灘 攤 癱   L
635 㓖 嗶 彃 滭 㪤 㮿 熚 the whole of; to finish; to complete; complete; full; finished; surname Bi; end, finish, conclude; completed O
636 蕐-艹   Z
637 䵝 䵞 嘿 墨 㩏 點 黨 black; dark; abbr. for Heilongjiang 黑龍江|黑龙江 province in northeast China; evil, sinister; KangXi radical 203 K
638 僞 爳 嬀 撝 潙 噕 䧦 variant of 為|为; as (i.e. in the capacity of); to take something as; to act as; to serve as; to behave as; to become; to be; to do; variant of 為|为, because of; for; to; do, handle, govern, act; be; (semantically related to item 623) F
639 僶 憴 澠 鄳 繩 蠅 竈 toad; to strive; to endeavor; KangXi radical 205 U
640 𥈠 㲊 䜜 䥧 𤀹   Z
641 勳 嚑 壎 獯 曛 櫄 薰 to smoke; scent; fumigate; to assail the nostrils; smoke, fog, vapor; smoke, cure U
642 蠿-虫-虫   Z
643 turtle or tortoise; cuckold; (semantically related to item 644) Z
644 䶯 䶰 䆋 䶱 䶲 龝 櫷 tortoise; turtle; turtle or tortoise; cuckold; KangXi radical 213; (interrelated with item 643) T
645* 亟-口-丂-一 㥛 極 殛 䓧 䩯 (resembles items 98 and 99) N
646* 䛧-(言/訁)-([匊-勹]/[籵-十]/[籶-几]) (resembles items 16 and 17) Y
647* 𣏹-火 𣏹 (resembles items 242 and 243) Z

* These components are not listed as part of the 644 components in the two documents mentioned above (for the two Chinese fonts, which contain the Table of the Basic Components), but these additional components can be derived indirectly.

Note on licensing: Portions of descriptions in the table were obtained from the Unicode Character Database and modified from the original Data Files to some extent. The Unicode Terms of Use, containing the copyright notice(s) and permission notice, is provided here. Additional descriptions were obtained from CC-CEDICT, a community-maintained free Chinese-English dictionary, published by MDBG under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license. Further derivative works need to comply with the same Creative Commons license and the Unicode Terms of Use, and attribute the work by referencing this web page and its author.