Smile Simulator

Smile Simulator is a game that is partly a metaphor and partly a whimsical challenge with awkward controls. The game's proof-of-concept was implemented as part of a Capstone Project while participating in the Immersion Program at GLITCH. It was made with Unity during a development cycle that somewhat resembles a 24-hour Game Jam. The game-player's avatar tries to appear happy but obviously suffers internally.

Title Screen of Smile Simulator

The team that collaborated to produce the simulator consisted of:

Credits Screen of Smile Simulator

The left and right sides of the face can be controlled somewhat independently. So, sometimes you can end up with funny and weird-looking expressions. The background colors also change depending on the overall happiness level of the character. The graphics has a pixel-art style as seen in the screenshots below for various different facial states.

Sad face screenshot

Neutral face screenshot

Insincere happy face screenshot

Manic face screenshot

The proof-of-concept is available as a free download from for both Windows and Mac OS.

In summary: More happy, less sad - enjoy!

Winning screenshot